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针织 Knitted 衣料 Cloth 裤料 Panting 面料 Lining
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Our company focuses on a variety of "fast fashion" fabrics of spot goods, including chiffon, satin, trousering, blending, knitting jacquard and other woven fabrics, rolled-up to order, customized small batch fabric. The fabrics product trend is synchronized with Europe, Japan and South Korea. New fabrics are launched every half month. We have perfect management system and staff assigned in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places. Strong research and development team, professional sales staff will provide you with fashionable fabrics, excellent quality, quality service. Welcome to contact with our business department at any time, we are willing to share with you on the basis of win-win, to establish evergreen business relations and is your trustworthy partner.

  • 香港QQ:2983256672 广州QQ:1654233088 上海QQ:1924135505 深圳QQ:2466033178
  • 香港电话:852-23931177
  • 广州电话:020-89770869
  • 上海电话:021-62360758
  • 深圳电话:0755-25841362